Teaching Method

Teaching Method

A gateway to the French language and culture in Jersey.

Quality French classes

We offer general French lessons, workshops in oral or written French, with a cultural or professional focus, corporate classes and personalized packages at all levels throughout the year. 

We focus on developing communication skills through total immersion in French. Our teaching methods incorporate the use of video, audio, and printed materials, which are carefully selected to best fit students’ needs. We are also dedicated to teach you real French, the one we use in France and Francophone countries. We teach French, the French Way. Our cultural environment ensures that you not only learn the language but the customs behind it. All our classes integrate culture, manners, and traditions, so you develop a deeper understanding of francophone life. In addition, we offer various workshops as well as cultural and social events that will give you a taste of France. We are truly a gateway to the French language and culture.  

A professional teaching team

We work with individuals, adults and children, ministries, public bodies and also private companies, supporting them in their desire to improve their command of the language in a professional environment.

Our team is made up of exclusively French native speakers. They are all experienced teachers and most are holders of a Masters degree in teaching French as a foreign language. They keep a close watch on innovations in this field and benefit from our continuing professional development plan.