General Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale

Placement Tests

In order to ensure that the students are placed in the proper level, a free placement test will be offered to all new students who have some knowledge of French language and to students returning to the Alliance Française de Jersey (AFJ), who have not participated in a course in six months or more.

Waiting List

If AFJ plans to open a new class, you can request to be placed on the waiting list. You will be contacted as soon as the number of students in sufficient for the additional class to be created.


Students are requested to pay the full tuition on the first day of the session or at least two weeks after the class started. Passed this period, 10% surcharge will be levied. The cost of course material and books is separate from the tuition fee.

Method of Payment

Payments may be made by personal cheque, cash or bank transfer.

Cancellations and refunds


1.Before the course has started

Alliance Française reserves the right to cancel a course when there are insufficient numbers. In that case only, fees will be refunded in full. If you cancel your registration at least a week before the course is due to start, you will receive a refund of your fees, less a £30 administrative fee. All requests for refunds should be made in writing.

2.Once the course has started

Alliance Française reserves the right to close a course should attendance fall below a certain level or for circumstances beyond its control. Fees will then be refunded pro rata. Alliance Française regrets that there will be no refunds for classes not attended or for cancellation of a course by the student for whatever reason. One up to two free catch-up lessons can be organized to cover the content of a missing class during a session.


With at least 2 working days’ notice, the lesson can be rescheduled. With less than 2 working days’ notice, the lesson is charged for as stated and cannot be rescheduled. Replacement classes can be scheduled only within the duration of the contract, provided that the tutor concerned is available. Any other arrangement is at the sole discretion of the Alliance Française: in any case, a maximum of 3 months from the date of the original final class of the contract will apply.

Make-up Classes

For no additional fee, make-up private classes are available for registered students who miss classes. Students will be permitted to substitute up to two missed classes during a session. In any case, make-up classes to substitute missed classes during a session cannot be arranged on the following session.

Special Discounts

Introduce a friend, colleague or family member to the AFJ as a new student: 10% discount on your next course. This discount can only be claimed by the existing student/member and is only valid when both persons register at the same time, for the same session, and in person.