New Acquisitions

L’étrange voyage de Mr Daldry
  • L’étrange voyage de Mr Daldry Marc Levy
  • Adults
  • Alice creates perfumes. She is passionate about her work and her only distraction from her job is her motley group of friends, who convene for late night soirees in her apartment–; much to the annoyance of her cantankerous neighbour Mr. Daldry. On Christmas Eve 1950, something happens that will change Alice’s life forever: during an outing to Brighton with her friends, a fortune teller makes a mysterious prediction about Alice’s future.

Victor Hugo, aux frontières de l’exil
  • Victor Hugo, aux frontières de l’exil Esther Gil & Laurent Paturaud
  • Adults
  • September 1853. Victor Hugo is in exile on the island of Jersey when the ghost of his daughter, who died by drowning, appears to him. Accident or murder? Victor Hugo conducts the investigation in Paris to discover the truth…

Tout ton portrait !
  • Tout ton portrait ! Isabel Wolff
  • Children
  • At thirty-five, Ella Graham is a successful portrait artist in London. She captures the essential truth in each of her subjects’ faces and immortalizes it on canvas. But closer to home, Ella finds the truth more elusive. Her father abandoned the family when she was five, and her mother has remained silent on the subject ever since. Ella’s sister, Chloe, is engaged to Nate, an American working in London, but Ella suspects that he may not be so committed. Then, at Chloe’s behest, Ella agrees to paint Nate’s portrait.

Maigret chez le coroner
  • Maigret chez le coroner Georges Simenon
  • Adults
  • How did Bessy die? Her body has been found mutilated along railway lines in Arizona. But for once, Maigret doesn’t conduct the investigation: he is just a witness of Americans’ methods. Will they discover the truth before Maigret returns to Los Angeles?

L’Homme aux cercles bleus
  • L’Homme aux cercles bleus Fred Vargas
  • Adults
  • Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg is not like other policemen. His methods appear unorthodox in the extreme: he doesn’t search for clues; he ignores obvious suspects and arrests people with cast-iron alibis. When strange blue chalk circles start appearing overnight on the pavements of Paris, only Adamsberg takes them seriously. And when the body of a woman with her throat savagely cut is found in one, only Adamsberg realises that other murders will soon follow.

shanghai connexion
  • shanghai connexion Romain Slocombe
  • Adults
  • Gilbert Woodbrooke, photographer, is wanted by English police. He is a refugee in Lyon and he makes use of this opportunity to find his grandfather, an anti-fascist journalist who mysteriously disappeared in France during the German Occupation. His disappearance could be related to a young resistant woman, survivor of a concentration camp…

Je suis en CP
  • Je suis en CP Magdalena & Emmanuel Ristord
  • Children FLAM
  • « Je suis en CP » is a collection of 9 books for help children for the learning of reading. Created and drawn by a teacher, your child can follow the adventure of Leo, Noe, Ana and their classmates during the school year. Suitable from 6 years old.

Les pirates de Pompéi - Les mystères romains
  • Les pirates de Pompéi - Les mystères romains Caroline Lawrence
  • Children FLAM
  • « Les myteres romains » is a collection of 13 books written by Caroline Lawrence. It’s a story of 4 children living in Italy between 79 and 81 AD. These novels depict historical events in a very modern and easy to read way. Suitable from 10 years old.

La pâtisserie des petits
  • La pâtisserie des petits Pierre-Dominique Cecillon & Bettina Brinkmann
  • Children FLAM
  • This book is intended for greedy people! 30 easy recipes are presented in this book for cocking with your child and eating a good desert. Suitable from 5 years old.

Mon premier livre de Yoga
  • Mon premier livre de Yoga Gilles Diederichs
  • Children FLAM
  • This book and the CD attached allows your child to discover Yoga with “Petit Yogi”. The teddy bear meets various animals during his promenade and they teach him Yoga positions. Suitable from 2 to 5 years old.

Petit poisson blanc est tout content
  • Petit poisson blanc est tout content Guido Van Genechten
  • Children FLAM
  • The mom of little white fish takes him to the nursery. Before he goes, he wants to say goodbye to his friends. Suitable from 2 years old.

  • Seuls Fabien Vehlmann
  • Children FLAM
  • “Seuls” is a collection of 20 books. In a country where all inhabitants have disappeared, 5 children are alone in the adult’s world. The situation worsens when they discover that they are living in a reproduction of the real world…

L’ecume des jours
  • L’ecume des jours (2013) Boris Vian
  • Adults
  • L’ecume des jours is the surreal and poetic tale of Colin and Chloé whose idyllic love story is turned on its head when Chloé falls sick. Dedicated to his beloved bride, Colin must go out to work in a series of increasingly absurd jobs to pay for the fresh flowers that Chloe needs to be surrounded with in order to feel better.

Les combattants
  • Les combattants (2015) Thomas Cailley
  • Adults
  • Between his friends and the family business, Arnaud’s summer looks set to be a peaceful one in his dead-end seaside town. Peaceful, that is, until he runs into a fight with Madeleine - a hot-tempered survival fanatic who throws him to the ground while, in a more romantic sense, sweeping him off his feet.

La France sauvage
  • La France sauvage (2011) Arte
  • Adults
  • An exceptional trip to the central French regions with different ecosystems. Discover natural areas, craftsmanship, beautiful landscape and French architecture.

Saint Laurent
  • Saint Laurent (2014) Bertrand Bonello
  • Adults
  • This film retraces the life of Yves Saint Laurent from 1965 to 1976, his sad period. YSL wanted to be the best “couturier” of his generation and the movie depicts how his meeting with Pierre Bergé in the 70s changed their lives…

  • Hippocrate (2015) Thomas Lilti
  • Adults
  • Benjamin will become a great doctor. But on his first day on internship in his dad’s department, nothing would happen as planned… Responsibilities are important, his dad is absent and Abdel, a foreign doctor, is more qualified. Benjamin has to face his limits and fears of patients, doctors and families.

  • Amour (2012) Michael Hanneke
  • Adults
  • Georges and Anne are an octogenarian couple. They are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their daughter, also a musician, lives in Britain with her family. One day, Anne has a stroke, and the couple’s bond of love is severely tested.

Lulu femme nue
  • Lulu femme nue (2014) Sólveig Anspach
  • Adults
  • Lulu, a stay at home mom, should like to take the opportunity of her lost interview to leave her husband and children. She meets 3 people who changed her life. Shy and full of complexes, Lulu reveals herself as her life changes…

Le Prénom
  • Le Prénom (2012) Matthieu Delaport & Alexandre de La Patellière
  • Adults
  • Vincent will become dad for the first time. He is invited to a dinner at his sister’s apartment, Elisabeth. While everyone is waiting for Vincent’s wife, Anna, he is questioned on his future paternity. But when the question of the first name comes, his answer put the chaos into the family.

9 mois ferme
  • 9 mois ferme (2013) Albert Dupontel
  • Adults
  • Ariane Felder is pregnant! This is surprising with her being a young hardened judge with strict morals. But what is more surprising is that, according to paternity testing, the child’s father is none other than Bob, a criminal from the prosecution charged with an atrocious attack! Ariane doesn’t remember any of what has happened, so she has no idea what to expect…

Les gendarmes de St Tropez
  • Les gendarmes de St Tropez (1960 - 1980) Jean Girault
  • Children FLAM
  • The ambitious police officer Cruchot is transferred to St. Tropez. Through 6 films, discover adventures of the most renowned policeman of the French cinema played by the world famous comic actor Louis De Funes.

  • Oceans (2010) Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud
  • Children FLAM
  • This documentary films ocean floor, marine animals and ocean all around the world. It questions us about the environmental impact of humans on wildlife. It’s an invitation to protect oceans dealing with pollution, abusive fishing and global warming.

  • test (2015) marie
  • 8-10
  • ceci est un film…