Evening Talk : the French Etiquette

Evening talk

In partnership with le Cercle Français de Jersey, the Alliance Française is happy to invite you to a conference about French Etiquette.

The conference: “Le savoir-vivre à la francaise” is the history of manners and etiquette, how French society has developed a set of rules ranging from table manners, elegance, interior decoration…and even giving advice on how to have a good death! How, at a ball, does a young lady make contact with an admirer in full view of her chaperone? How should one eat asparagus? How many flowers should one present in a bouquet? Should one’s lips touch the lady’s hand on a formal occasion? You will have the answer to all these existential questions, and many others!

The speaker: Valerie Chouchana studied in Paris, read law at the University of Arras, then Classics (Latin, Greek, Old Occitanian…) at the Sorbonne. She then entered the Ecole du Louvre, majoring in Decorative Arts. After gaining her diploma, she was at the Sorbonne for History of Art before going to the EHESS (the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences) where she worked on a thesis examining “The roles played by Jewellery at the Italian Courts of the Renaissance”. She has also worked in various artistic domains, as artistic and historical adviser to photographers and producers, as a librettist and as a valuer for an art dealer. She currently gives lectures for branches of the Alliance Francaise and other cultural organisations on a range of subjects dealing with French culture, and also with cuisine, fashion and linguistics…

This evening talk will be hold in French.

Venue : Société Jersiaise, Member’s Room, Pier Road, St Helier

Date & Time : Thursday 23rd January from 8.00 pm