Ciné-Club Mars 2014

Francophone Month

  • 7 March 2014 18:00
  • Alliance Francaise Jersey Town Hall, Seale Street Tel: 875 655
  • Af Members: £3 / All others : £4
  • Cinema

For the March Cine-Club and in order to celebrate the Francophone month we selected a movie from Quebec : C.R.A.Z.Y by Jean Marc Vallée (2005). Mr Vallée has since then jumped to the next step by going to Hollywood and is the new talk of the town with his latest movie Dallas Buyers Club, a major success now in Cinemas with Matthew McConaughey.

This movie is a little bubble in time and space, talking a much of the family observed by the film as of the feel of Quebec of Canada from the 60’s to the 80’s.

Zac was born on Christmas day 1960 and has always felt estranged from his 4 brothers, his parents and the rest of the world. The movie follows the life and tribulations of his c.r.a.z.y family (as in the initial of each brothers), his relationship with them and the world, from his position as dad’s favorite to his downfall after an homosexual temptation to a reunion following a tragic event.

Jean Marc Vallée is offering us there a very personal movie, as much in its flamboyant directing style (different from his more subdued previous efforts) as in the themes and architecture of the script he wrote himself (his first effort in the exercice) from a true story.

So expect some wild editing and camera movements, an amazing soundtrack with great 60’s and 70’s rock, a touching family story, an interesting character study, great acting and overall a very entertaining film.

Please, note that a small participation will be asked (£3 for AF members/£4 for non-members) as we will provide snacks and wine before and after the film.


Programme :

Presentation of the film by Stefan Rousseau at 6.00pm

Film starts around 6.15pm

Discussion around a glass of wine and nibles around 8.00pm

Seats are limited so hurry up and contact us!

Ciné-Club Mars 2014