Ciné Club March 2015 : Haiti Special

  • 13 March 2015 18:00
  • Alliance Française de Jersey 5 Library Place JE2 3NL Tel: 875 655
  • £4 for members / £5 for non-members
  • Cinema

To finish our three weeks on Haiti we decided to offer you the possibility to discover this little seen masterpiece of Haitian cinema. Raoul Peck is one of the very rare filmmakers of his country of origin and since then has known a successful and acclaimed career. This is an intense, realistic and poignant testimony of the terrible years that Haitian have known under the despotic, violent and bloody rule of the dictator Jean Claude Duvalier (aka Baby Doc).

In the 60’s life in Haiti was not an easy thing as Papa Doc’s reign was very brutal. A young girl is exposed to the brutality of the Tonton Macoute (the private secret police and militia). She does not understand all the ramifications of what she sees, but through her aunt’s agony and fears and ultimately arrest, she knows that life around her is not good and there is a lot of sadness and sorrow too.

This excellent movie is an examination of two universally-recognized maxims: “power corrupts” and “to live by the sword is to die by it.” Peck dug in his childhood memories to depict the horrors of this dictatorship and contrast them with the natural happiness of the children in their everyday life. This movie is an important testimony of what happened and this associated with its quality makes it an important forgotten work.


Programme :

Presentation of the film by Stefan Rousseau at 6.00pm

Film starts around 6.15pm

Discussion around a glass of wine and nibbles around 8.00pm

Seats are limited to 25 people so hurry up and contact us to book your place!

Ciné Club March 2015 : Haiti Special