Ciné-club January 2014


  • 17 January 2014 18:00
  • Alliance Française de Jersey Town Hall, Seale Street Tel: 875 655
  • AF members : £3 / Others : £4
  • Cinema

We are proud to start the 2014 Alliance Française Cine-Club season with a special kind of 60’s gangster comedy by the master of the genre, Georges Lautner. This great popular filmmaker (1926-2013) passed away recently and we wanted to pay him the tribute he deserves by showing you this gem of a crime spoof which encapsulates the best of the spirit of the 60’s which amazing and iconic actors, razor sharp and witty dialogues all wrapped in a nonsensic and light tone which is extremely refreshing and funny.

Antoine (Lino Ventura), an ex gangster now owner of a marine activities center on the Côte d’Azur is called to the rescue by two former associates in crime to help them escape to Italy and borrow money. Against his will and good judgement, Antoine proceeds but when it comes to get his money back he is simply given the name of a debtor by his friends, Leonard Michalon (Jean Lefebvre). In order to find the extremely annoying man, Antoine in turn ask for the help of his also ex ganster, good friend and now restaurant owner Jeff (Michel Constantin). When they realise that “Michalon” is a pest of the worst kind, owing money to a vast number of people including a Brit gangster organisation led by “Le Colonel” (Tommy Duggan); it is too late to avoid direct confrontation with this outfit. They find refuge at Michalon’s wife, the sublime Eglantine (Mireille Darc) and mayhem ensues.

The general 60’s ambiance on the French Cote d’Azur, the amazing pop score, the fast paced events, the humour, the dialogues, the actors, everything makes this film a time bubble which will leave you with a big smile and the sun of south of France in your hearts and minds which is exactly what you need to start the year in style.

Stefan Rousseau will present you the universe of Georges Lautner, the genius of Michel Audiard (France’s best dialogue writer of the 60’s) and the style of the French gangster spoof (which is the equivalent of 60’s pop spy spoofs in the UK and US).

Please, note that a small participation will be asked (£3 for AF members/£4 for non-members) as we will provide snacks and wine before and after the film.


Programme :

  • Presentation of the film by Stefan Rousseau at 6.00pm

  • Film starts around 6.15pm

  • Discussion around a glass of wine and nibles around 8.00pm

Seats are limited so hurry up and contact us!

Ciné-club January 2014