Ciné Club February 2015

Ciné Club

  • 13 February 2015 18:00
  • Alliance Française de Jersey 5 Library Place, JE2 3NL Tel: 875 655
  • £4 for members / £5 for non-members
  • Cinema

After we got totally overloaded last month, for which we want both to apologize (for the poor confort and being a bit lost) and thank you (it was really good to see so many of you for an excellent movie). This month we will have a proper reservation system in place (detailled in this event page).

We selected another witty and intelligent French comedy, Quai D’Orsay, by one of the best French director , Bertrand Tavernier. The movie is from 2013 and adapted from a French bande-dessinée (graphic novel) about the life inside the French foreign relations ministry.

This is Tavernier’s first attempt at comedy despite having directed 34 movies previously (including the absolutely brilliant Capitaine Conan we showed in November 2014) and the least we can say is that it is an almost total success in terms of comedic rhythm, of the right mix of dialogue driven and slapstick comedy and of course of the masterful general direction. The actors are all exceptional as well and even the main one, Thierry Lermitte (from Le diner de cons) tends to overdo it usually but is under control and subtle in its exuberance.

His acting of an actual ex foreign relationship minister, Dominique de Villepin , was endorsed by the “victim” himself as well as the way the inner workings of the ministry are depicted.

Expect rhythm, witty lines and situations, proper slapstick moments (the numerous arrival of the minister) but also astute comments on the disfunctional nature of such an administration and all in all a very pleasing, intelligent and entertaining movie.

This month Stefan will not be there to introduce the film but still do come early to make the best of the now traditional Friday evening aperitif before the movie.

Ciné Club February 2015