October Cine-Club : Les Conquérants de Xabi Molia (2013)

  • October 9, 2015 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Alliance Française de Jersey 5 Library Place, opposite Midland Bank building and by Boutin's Travel Tel: 875655
  • Members : £4 / Non Members : £5

After last month’s “political” comedy, we decided to stay in the realm of the typical French comedies.

Les Conquérants (The Conquerors) is a small film which also has social critique undertones but knows how to not take itself seriously at all. As the main character says :” bad luck is something you have to be patient about”. This sort of reverse Indiana Jones (they have to return the Graal and not find it) uses his rather morose heroes and through its mise en scène and finely crafter dialogues, manages to create a unique atmosphere between sweet and farcical.

Galaad and Noé meet up at their father’s funeral. Half-brothers, they have little in common, apart from an equal share of personal failures. Convinced that the evil eye has been dogging them ever since their father stole a sacred relic, Galaad convinces Noé to act. Suddenly adventurers, the two men set out in search of the stolen object, and in search of the chance that has shunned them until now.

So do not miss your first opportunity to French yourself up outside of the classroom. Be there before 6pm to enjoy our selection of wine, cheese, saucisson and olives.

October Cine-Club : Les Conquérants de Xabi Molia (2013)