March 2016 Cine-Club : Toute première fois by Maxime Govare and Noemie Saglio (2015)

  • March 8, 2016 at 1:19pm
  • ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE JERSEY 5 Library Place, by Boutin's Travel and opposite the Midland Bank Building Tel: 01534 875655

For this month showing, we selected a very recent comedy that has the originality to be co-directed by a man and a woman but also to be one of the first if not the first gay marriage comedy: Toute première fois (2015).

Jérémie, 34, wakes up in an apartment he doesn’t know, next to a woman he doesn’t know. She is Adna, a stunning Swedish woman who is as funny as she is sweet. Is this the beginning of a fairy tale? Not quite, since Jérémie is about to get married—to Antoine.

If the script is not really an original one, in its structure, characterisation or even its main events (it is not a bad thing for a romantic comedy quite the contrary), it is the way both filmmakers twist the usual recipe that makes all the flavour of this film. Its classicism allows this movie to be seen and appreciated while gently tackling a subject which is getting less and less taboo and for which French cinema has a predilection. You can be sure this one will open and make the treatment of the sexual preference subject available for many more screenwriters and filmmakers after them. Expect to have a good time watching a traditional romantic comedy with excellent actors, a solid script and direction with a twist.

As usual be there from 5.45 to enjoy our buffet before the movie starts right after 6pm

March 2016 Cine-Club : Toute première fois by Maxime Govare and Noemie Saglio (2015)