JANUARY CINE CLUB : L’homme de Rio by Philippe de Broca (1964)

  • January 15, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Alliance Française de Jersey 5 Library Place (by Boutin's Travel) Tel: 01534 875655
  • £4 for Members and £6 for non-Members (inclusive of our buffet and wine)

To start 2016 auspiciously, we selected a pure gem of a French movie: L’homme de Rio. The price is £4 for Members and £6 for non-Members inclusive of wine, cheese, saucisson, olives and bread before the movie introduction by Stefan Rousseau at 6 pm.

It is an irresistible cocktail of adventure, romance, humour all this at 200mph on a Brazilian Samba soundtrack which will make you forget about the grim weather of January.

French military man Adrien Dufourquet (Jean-Paul Belmondo) gets an eight-day furlough to visit his fiancée, Agnes (Françoise Dorléac). But when he arrives in Paris, he learns that her late father’s partner, museum curator Professor Catalan (Jean Servais), has just been kidnapped by a group of Amazon tribesmen who have also stolen a priceless statue from the museum. Adrien and Agnes pursue the kidnappers to Brazil, where they learn that the statue is the key to a hidden Amazon treasure.

If you ever liked reading Tintin comics, do not miss this film as you will find all the ingredients which made Herge’s “bande dessinée” a worldwide favourite shot in the beautiful vistas of Rio, the amazon forest but also the bizarre modernism of Brazzaville. There is also a definitive strong connection between this movie, Tintin and the Indiana Jones created by Lucas and Spielberg (who also filmed a motion capture version of Tintin in 2011).

JANUARY CINE CLUB : L’homme de Rio by Philippe de Broca (1964)