Exhibition « Cartoons for Freedom » by the Alliance Française de Jersey

The Alliance Française de Jersey, in partnership with Institut Français will host a commemorative exhibition called “Cartoons for Freedom” from 7th January to 30th January 2016 and everybody is welcome.

By commemorating the Charlie Hebdo attacks of January 2015, this exhibition offers a panorama of ways in which freedom of speech is expressed nowadays on every continent.

The exhibition comprises 12 panels of press drawings and caricatures made by 50 cartoonists from around the world. Each panel is dedicated to a specific theme of freedom of speech: censorship, internet, corruption, women’s rights, rebellions, climate, sport, racism, etc. The drawings, made by cartoonists from 45 different nationalities, were all published in different newspapers throughout the world.

Exhibition in French, translated in English

The 12 panels 1. Opening 2. Free sketches 3. Charlie hebdo 4. The dangers of the web 5. Beware corruption! 6. Women voices 7. The new rebels 8. Save the planet 9. Crisis without borders 10. Sport vices 11. Racism 12. Bloody French !