Cine FLAM : “Princes and Princesses” and “4 seasons of Léon”

The FLAM association, in cooperation with the Alliance Française de Jersey, invites children of all ages to discover French animated films on Saturday 24th March at the Alliance Française !

For younger children (2-5 years old), “The Spring of Mélie” (Le printemps de Mélie), from “The 4 seasons of Léon” (Les 4 saisons de Léon) will be screened. In this episode, the princess Mélie has been chosen to be the Carnival Queen. But an epidemic reaches the city, and with the help of her friend Mélusine the hedgehog, she will have to figure it out. Duration : 20 min

For the older one (6-13 years old), we are screening “Princes and Princesses”, from Michel Ocelot. This film consists of six episodes made in silhouette animation, and relates a few tales about Princes and Princesses. Thoses stories are very beautiful, as much as their drawings ! Duration : 1h10min

The films will start at 2.30pm, don’t be late, and don’t forget to book your seat on 875 655 or [email protected] !