Cine Club June 2015

  • June 12, 2015 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Alliance Francaise Jersey 5 Library Place, JE2 3NL Tel: 875 655
  • £4 for members / £5 for non member
  • Cinema

To follow up on our winning streak of French quality comedies, this month we are going for lighter one after the bittersweet tone of Dans la cour last month.

The premises of this one are very simple: A has-been actor takes a job playing the victims in a homicide re-enactment, where he sparks with the civil officer investigating the real-life crime.

The director never tries to instil a distinctive style or any real substance for that matter but succeed in offering and extremely enjoyable , funny real life cluedo game in a really nice and refreshing Alpine surroundings.

As usual, be there for 5.45 to enjoy the proverbial French nibbles and wine before the movie and enjoy a perfect example of good popular comedy with excellent actors made for the sake of the spectators satisfaction and such a successful adventure is rare enough not to miss it !


Programme :

Presentation of the film by Stefan Rousseau at 6.00pm

Film starts around 6.15pm

Discussion around a glass of wine and nibbles around 8.00pm

Seats are limited to 20 people so hurry up and contact us to book your place!

Cine Club June 2015