Skills training grants: Skills Accelerator

  • Tue 08 Jul 2014
  • AF Jersey
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The Skills Accelerator grant scheme, launched in September 2013, provides funding for employee training to enable the growth of businesses in Jersey.

Successful applicants can get a grant of up to 75% of training costs - up to a maximum of £5,000. The remaining 25% must be funded by the applicant, the employer or a third party.

The scheme aims to encourage innovation, diversification and workforce development that will make a difference to the sustainability or development of Jersey businesses by:

  • Providing the opportunity for individuals, within businesses, to develop specialist skills in order to grow the business
  • Enabling businesses to develop customer interface skills
  • Improving motivation and increasing efficiency and productivity through better team working
  • Improving leadership and management skills to enable individuals to focus and direct business more clearly

    Full details of the scheme, its eligibility criteria and the application form can be found at

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