Le Film du Mois (May 2013)

  • Fri 17 May 2013
  • AF Jersey
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French Roast

Writter and Director: Fabrice Joubert

Genre: Short animation movie

Year: 2008

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Plot / Summary

A disheveled man picks up litter on a street using a stick with a nail on its end. In a bar, a cigar-smoking swell reads the financial section of a newspaper. The vagabond enters, the upstanding man ignores a request for alms, the hobo exits. The gent can’t find his wallet, so he orders espresso after espresso as he ponders what to do. The vagabond returns, a napping nun at the next table gives him money, and the gent considers pilfering her purse. As the evening drags on, the bill for espresso mounts. A detective tacks up a wanted poster. Among the waiter, detective, nun, vagabond, and gent-in-a-jam, can luck or kindness find their way into the bar?

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