French Ambassador’s visit

  • Wed 08 Jun 2016
  • AF Jersey
  • CultureEvents

On the occasion of the 20th birthday, members of the staff, the executive committee and students met together for a reception to celebrate the 20th birthday of the AF. The Président M. Harris emphasized the evolution the Alliance Française had gone through over 20 years and gave a few remarks on opportunities in the future, looking at the next 20 years.

Visitors from the Embassy : • Her Excellency Mrs Sylvie Bermann; French Ambassador • Mrs Sylvaine Carta-Le Vert, Consul General • Ms Claire Legras, First Counsellor

From the Alliance Française :

• Mr John Harris – Chairperson • Mr David Myatt – Member • Mr Jérôme Thérèse – Member • Mr Xavier Souris – Vice-Chair • Mr Christopher Scholefield – Member • Mr Michael De La Haye – Member • Mme Camille Perdereau – Directrice • Mr Stefan Rousseau– Assistant • Mme Marion Ferret – Professeur-coordinatrice • Mme Anna Peluso– Professeur • Mme Chloé Favrat – Professeur • Mme Anne-Lise Faucon – Professeur • Mme Laurie Sigogneau– Professeur • Mme Myriam Kodische – Professeur

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