Appel aux dons - Donation request

  • Fri 29 Sep 2017
  • AF Jersey

During the night of the 18th September 2017, hurricane Maria (Category 5) devastated Dominica. The hurricane destroyed most of the town of Roseau, including the local Alliance Française building. The money will go towards repairing the roofs, ceilings and walls, redo the electricity because of water infiltration, repair pipes, toilets, rooms, replace damaged equipment, as tables, chairs, computers, printers, books, climate control… (an estimated 50,000 € is needed)

We therefore invite you to donate £5 next time you come to our offices in the collection box at the reception. You can also pay by bank transfer (Ref. DOMINICA). You will make a difference even with a small contribution! The Alliances Françaises around the world are all non-profit organisation which are mostly self-financed associations, and we are appealing to your generosity to help rebuild this cultural centre. Thank you very much in advance for your kind contribution.

You can look at the extent of the damages here:

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